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Long-term documentary

My latest work is a long-term documentary project about my loved ones, which I just completed with the book MY. Each and every member of my family creates their own powerful personal story. Thanks to photography, I am also deepening my gratitude for being able to accompany them. My son decided to grow his hair long at the age of 6. After 5 years, he had it cut and donated it to wig manufacturers for oncological patients. He continues to grow long hair with the intention of donating it again.

Annie, age 9, had her hair cut almost completely off to emphasize her strong and determined personality. My mom is 70 years old and in addition to caring for her sister with Down syndrome, she has adopted her grandson who is now 13. In documenting and creating tributes to my loved ones in my life, my husband supports me wholeheartedly. He is a strong and determined man to whom I have dedicated the introduction of the book as a tribute. This whole project and the book at the same time is a materialization of respect and gratitude to loved ones. They themselves inspire me every day, with their every action.

You can purchase limited edition of the book MY which contains photographs from this documentary series.

Book MY

Limited edition